Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Best Commercial Accordion Door Uses

While accordion doors can be a stylish visual at home, it has plenty of uses in the professional world as well. In fact, accordion doorscommercial applications are many and varied. Savvy business owners would be wise to look into the multitude of ways that an accordion door can enhance the security, operations and visuals of a workplace.

Accordion Folding Doors
It Can Protect Airports

Accordion doors make for an excellent partition at airport terminals. They can cordon off new amenities under construction at concourses. Certain kinds of accordion doors are used for airport security too, blocking off areas that have caught fire. Accordion doors can also restrict access in case of a terrorist attack.

A Friendlier Way to Secure Storefronts

When its time to close up shop and go home for the day, you need to protect your business during those off hours. Some ways of doing that are better than others. Shudders are effective, but visually unattractive, not to mention unfriendly to everyone on the outside. Exterior accordion doors are a friendlier way of providing security, allowing possible customers the chance to see what kind of goods they can pick up during normal business hours.

It Helps Patient and Doctor Alike at Hospitals

Accordion doors can be useful to the injured and sick. They can partition rooms to give patients and doctors privacy. This is paramount for when doctors must perform important operations or when patients have especially egregious symptoms. Accordion doors can help doctors treat patients and help patients retain their dignity.

It Can Organize a Workplace

Partitioning off the workplace can help other businesses as well. You can give different departments their own privacy. Its also good for creating a separate makeshift office for anyone who may need it. Privacy can help with efficiency and morale, plus it can make the office look more organized.

Its Great for Decoration

It doesnt have to be drab either. There have been many cases where people have used accordion doors for designs. You can use them to spruce up businesses and help with employee morale. The doors can also entice travellers at the airport. Accordion doors can even give hospital patients a bit of hope and brighten what could otherwise be a dismal time. The best part is they do this all while providing practical function.


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