Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hide Secret Doors in Your Home

When people talk about secret nooks and doors in their home, most assume its the children who delight in the surprise. The secret, though, is that having a secret door or room in the home is going to bring out the kid in anyone. Its like you finally have the chance to make all of your childhood dreams come true. You might not live in an awesome tree house, but you can certainly give your house a bigger cool factor by installing accordion doors, bookcase doors, and other sneaky space-saving alternatives to traditional doors. 

Accordion closet doors have been around for a while, but there are some new styles that can definitely spice things up around the house. You can find modern designs, wood and glass finishes, and even doors that dont look like theyre doors in the first place. Closet space is a must, but who says you have to stick with traditional doors? Its more fun to get creative with accordion doors, and it saves space, too.

We love the idea of having a secret hideout or doorway in the homes. It solves a problem in a fun way, and it makes use of functional, stylish design features like accordion doors and accordion closet doors.

The Best Hiding Spots

If you are installing accordion doors as secret passageways or fun hiddendoors in your home, its really up to you as to where you put them. Some hiding spots are better than others. Who wouldnt love a bookcase door that opens up to a secret room, closet, or safe, though? Imagine building a closet door that looks nothing like a door, only to surprise your guests by opening it. Closets and bookcase doors are obviously popular, but here are some other good places for secret doors in your home:
  • In the bedroom: If you have kids (or even if you dont), you can put accordion doors to use in your master suite. Whether you create a hidden oasis or just a secret stash you dont want the kids to find is up to you.
  • In the kitchen: Not only does this save space in a very space-demanding room, but its a fun way to keep things organized. You can even use a hidden door to hide the snacks from the kids, or to cover the unattractive utility room or bathroom located nearby.
  • Stairways: Either using the stairway as a secret door itself or putting one in by the stairs will give you access to extra storage space underneath. Plus, with accordion doors like the ones out there today, no one has to know its even there.
  • In the bathroom: Bathrooms are already hard up for space. Why not make more of it and make it fun with a secret storage door? You can even connect it to an adjoining room and no one will ever know!
Accordion doors offer a lot of fun and function for the home. Whether youre interested in accordion closet doors or other door styles, youll find plenty to choose from. Get on sites like Pinterest to get inspiration and find out more about these cool doors. 

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