Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Our 5 Favorite Accordion Doors and Applications

Accordion doors are fun, stylish, and functional doors for the home and business. There are so many models available that everyone can find something to fit their design, including customized styles, commercial doors, residential room dividers, and more. Interior accordion doors are best known for their use in bathrooms and utility rooms, taking small spaces and making them more accessible. These doors eliminate the need for extra space, are easy to hide away when not in use, and offer so many design options that everyone can find what they need.

We love accordion doors and the way that they are used throughout homes and businesses. Some designs and applications are better than others, but its all a matter of style. If youre curious as to what the best uses for accordion doors are, youll have no trouble finding plenty of solutions on sites like Pinterest.

Here are some of our favorite doors and uses for accordion doors:

      Accordion Patio Doors: Let the outside in with exterior accordion doors that fold open to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The use of glass doors and partitions on an exterior wall in the home is a great way to let in natural light and make any living space bigger by combining the indoors and the outside.
      Accordion Bathroom Doors: Bathroom privacy is another great choice. These doors fit perfectly in any small space, and can allow you to close off areas only when you want. They also offer a space-saving option when traditional doors might not work, and the stylish designs and finishes will ensure that the door blends into the home perfectly.
       Accordion Room Dividers: When you want an open floor plan but you need more divided space sometimes, the answer is found in interior accordion doors and room dividers. These come in many finishes and can be custom built to size, giving any room the perfect flexible layout.
      Accordion Closet Doors: Closets are already small enough without adding a traditional door to the space. Plus, the location of the closet might not warrant using a typical door. With interior accordion doors, every closet can get be hidden away in your home.
      Accordion Doors as a Design Feature: While these doors have plenty of functions, they can also be incorporated as a design element in the home. When placed in the right space with the right finish, a door can be as fashionable as it is functional. Even if a regular door would do, perhaps the accordion door will add a unique touch of style to the home.

There are endless uses for interior accordion doors, as well as exterior doors and room dividers. The applications make these some of the most versatile doors that you can find. These are our favorite uses for the accordion partitions and doors on the market today, but theyre not the only ones. You can explore more designs and get your own inspiration for accordion doors, no matter what you have in mind.


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